Arma 3 – ‘Project Argon’ a Total Conversion for beginners

Arma 3 – ‘Project Argon’ a Total Conversion for beginners

Bohemia Interactive just launched a new project to speak to beginners of Arma 3 and bring a new faster gameplay element into the military simulation.

The developer Bohemia Interactive is well known for their military simulation shooter games. Since the launch in 2013 of Arma 3 they tried to create a nice game experience for people how already know the series, but also for people how have never played any military simulation before. This one of the hardest things to achieve in a game that is so complex as the Arma games.

But now the developer team started the campaign ‘Bohemia Incubator‘, an internal team that creates new gamplay ideas, new game experiences and new game prototypes.

One of their first projects is the so called ‘Project Argon‘ which is a total conversion of Arma 3. It is build as a first-person competitive shooter in which two groups of five players fight against each other in three different types of typical shooter modes.

The prototype can be downloaded for free on the website of Bohemia Interactive for PC.

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