BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle enters Beta Phase

Japanese fighting game giants Arc System Works’ latest game is now in its closed beta phase for PS4. Users who have pre-ordered the game through the PSN store already have access; an open beta will be available for ALL PS4 users from 12.5.18-14.5.18. Arc System Works have also just confirmed a Nintendo Switch open beta starting today at 10PM pacific time on their official Twitter (@ArcSystemWorksU).

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle pits up characters from the BlazBlue franchise against contenders from ARC’s other franchises UNIEL and Persona 4 Arena, as well as first introducing RWBY characters in a fighting game release. Players will be able to play an introductory tutorial as well as casual online lobby play, local play against the computer and a local VS mode (the latter being exclusive to PS4 preorders).  20 characters from across all four franchises will be available, including:

  • BlazBlue
    • Ragna
    • Jin
    • Noel
    • Makoto
    • Rachel
    • Hazama
    • Azrael
    • Iron Tager
    • No 13
    • Es
  • Persona 4 Arena
    • Yu
    • Yosuke
    • Chie
    • Yukiko
    • Hyde
    • Linne
    • Waldstein
    • Gordeau
  • RWBY
    • Ruby
    • Weiss

The game is set to release on June 5th, 2018 on Sony Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam)


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