Doom – Update 5 brings Bots, a new mode and a new level cap

Doom – Update 5 brings Bots, a new mode and a new level cap

Today the developers of Doom rolled out their fifth free update to the game. Which brought some new features to the game.

Seven month after the release of Doom, the developers id Software released their fifth free update for the game today, December 7th..
First of all they added Bots to the multiplayer of Doom that means that people can now play in the Team Deathmatche and the Deathmatch modes with Bots. Players requested that feature since the launch of the game and so can now be happy to play against computer controlled enemies in the multiplayer.

Furthermore the developers announced that they extended the level cap to Echelon 11 and they even added a bonus for everyone that reaches Echelon 11. This bonus prop will be also available with other new props in SnapMap, the build in level editor.
The developers also mentioned that they added a new competitive multiplayer mode which is called Infernal Run. It is a mode in which players have to carry or throw a ball into the goal of their opponent.

In the end id Software announced the release date for their next DLC, Bloodfall, which will be the 15th of December. They will release more informations about the DLC in the next week.

Source: Bethesda

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