EA Play 2016

EA Play 2016


The EA Play was the first press event of this years of E3 2016. This year the had even two events, one in Los Angeles US. and the other one in London UK. The presentation should be ‘a taste of what EA does’ said EA’s CEO Andrew Wilson in the beginning of the conference.

Later he also announced that EA give all players worldwide the option of trying out EA games and DLCs for free, but only this week (June 13 – probably June 19).

They also launched ingame challenges that are made for charity, so after the E3 2016 EA will donate $1 Million to different charity organisations to support education.

Further on, EA announced EA Originals, a platform for small developers who can get support from EA to create their games. They even announced the first game that is created with the help of EA Originals ‘FE’.

List of presented games at EA Play:

  • Titanfall 2
  • Madden NFL 2017
  • Mass Effect Andromeda
  • Fifa 17
  • FE
  • Star Wars Games
  • Battlefield 1


Titanfall 2

After they released Titanfall in 2014, they now showed new informations about the sequel Titanfall 2 which was already announced via trailers earlier this year. EA now announced also an offline singleplayer campaign that will show the bonding between the a Titan and its Pilot Jack Cooper which will be our main character.

For the multiplayer EA announced 6 new Titans with different abilities who can also be customized and have a grappling hook that can be seen in the trailer.

The game will released October 28 2016 for PS4, PC and XboxOne.


Madden NFL 2017

Madden is a game series about American football, which now got a new game, Madden 2017. The game will have a new franchise mode and three new Competitive modes for all players (Challenger Mode/ Premier Event /EA Major). The first EA Major will take place in LA this year.


Mass Effect Andromeda

After the Mass Effect series ended 2012, they now showed more of Mass Effect Andromeda after EA announced the game at last years E3. The game will come in the full FrostBite Engine and will consits of new Planets, new Species and a completely new Galaxy.

More informations to the game will come in Fall 2016.


Fifa 17

Fifa is one of the most played games made by EA and with Fifa 17 the series moved forward. The game is developed in the FrostBite Engine and will have a Story Mode, called ‘The Journey’, which tells the story of Alex Hunter and his careerer.

EA has also licensed the Managers of the English Premier League Teams.




A new smaler game by Zoink Games which is supported and finaced by EA Originals. In the game, you play as a young cup in a forest and you comunicate with other animals via different styles of music, to beat the silence.


Star Wars Games

EA showed a collection of game studios who work on different Star Wars games which will come out until 2018, but they did not show any specific games.


Battlefield 1

EA had a separate stream for Battlefield 1, where they showed first in-deepth gameplay. They also announced unpredictable weather ingame and the early acces beta for Battlefield Insiders later this summer.

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