Orwell – Season Two of the dystopian surveillance game announced

Orwell – Season Two of the dystopian surveillance game announced

After they won many different prizes with season one of their game Orwell, the developers are now back with new informations for the second part of the game Orwell: Ignorance is Strength.

In the game Orwell, made by the small indie trio named Osmotic Studios, you jump into the role of an online Investigator who uses a tool to survey the online activity of suspects of different crimes based around a bombing attack in a fictive town. The player has to decide if parts of their online activity may be evidence for possible crimes, but by that deeply intrudes the private live of possible innocent people.

Orwell, which won many different awards for their serious storytelling as for example the German Computer Gaming Award, is based around the question if we should give up our privacy for our security and if so to which extend. It makes the player reconsider his thoughts on this topic and makes him think more about the dystopia which we could enter soon in the times of NSA, MI5 and Co.

After the studio released their game in November 2016 divided into separate episodes they now announced that they will release the second season ‘Orwell: Ignorance is Strength‘ after they were so successful with the first season. An official release date is not yet know.

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