Quake Champions – not a MOBA

Quake Champions – not a MOBA

After we have seen the announcement of the new Quake game, called Quake Champions at the Bethesda E3 2016 conference and many people believed that the game would be a MOBA.

Now Studio Director Tim Willits from Id Software confirmed that Quake Champions will not be a MOBA at all and it is not at all inspired by Blizzards new game Overwatch. He gave this informations in an interview at E3 with Rocket Beans TV.

Willits said:

“No. It’s not a MOBA. It’s not a MOBA.

What we’re making is a competitive, arena-style, classic Quake game, with the addition of the Champions. We feel that the Champions are a natural evolution of not only Quake, but the genre. That’s why you see a lot of character-driven games, because it doesn’t change the fundamental way that you play the game, but it enhances the experience and gives you more to do.”

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