Rocket League – June Update “Quick Chat”

Rocket League – June Update “Quick Chat”

After the Hoops Update the developers of Rocket League announced the June Update and already showed new features.

The new chat options in Rocket League

The new chat options in Rocket League


This first feature or change is the updated “Quick Chat” which has now 27 more Quick Chat possibilities that can be then remapped in the Options menu to the Quick chat keys.

New In-Game Quick Chats:

  • All yours
  • Calculated
  • Go for it
  • Great Clear
  • Holy cow
  • In position
  • Incoming
  • My Bad …
  • My Fault
  • Need Boost
  • Nice Block
  • Nice one
  • No Way
  • Okay
  • Oops
  • Savage
  • Siiiick
  • What a play
  • Whew

Post-Game Quick Chats:

  • Everybody Dance
  • gg
  • Nice moves
  • One.More.Game
  • Rematch
  • That was fun
  • Well played
  • What a Game

The Quick Chat is only the first change of the Update and more features will be shown soon on the official Rocket League blog.



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