THQ Nordic buys NovaLogics and all its game series

THQ Nordic buys NovaLogics and all its game series

After the change of their company’s name in August they now own the licences for old classic games.


The Austrian Studio THQ Nordic, which is formerly known as Nordic Games, announced their purchase of NovaLogic and all their game series.

So now THQ Nordic owns the rights to game series like the Delta Force series, the F-22 series and also the Armoured Fist series.

NovaLogic was a pioneer in creating military simulations in the past 30 years and their CEO and founder John Garcia states that this takeover is important to keep the company moving forward.

Even though THQ Nordic has not yet announced any new game releases with the use of the bought licenses it will be interesting to watch the next steps of the company and the old games by NovaLogic.

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