XBOX at the E3 2016 – ‘Doing things we’ve never done’

XBOX at the E3 2016 – ‘Doing things we’ve never done’


Since the E3 2016 in Los Angeles is only two weeks away Phil Spencer, the representative of Microsoft in the games industry now implied on his Twitter account that there will be a big announcement at the E3 2016. He states that there will be things that XBOX and Microsoft has not done before and thanks the XBOX team for its work.

This statement could mean anything, but we will probably get to know more at the E3 which is from June 14 till June 16 2016. Microsoft also holds a big press conference which will also be live- streamed online on June 13 at 4 PM EST.

Source: Twitter

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  1. Per Sørensen says:

    Wonder if the LACK of any kind of flight stick / H.O.T.A.S. for the Xbox One finally will be solved / showen at E3 2016.

    Otherwise, none of the aireal combat games from Xbox 360 probably never will becom backward compatible on the Xbox One.

    Which is a disturbing fact for the flight combat enthusiasts who bought into the many Air Combat games, just like the Ace Combat 7, that there rumours about it coming to Xbox One, but ended up being a PS4 / PC ONLY title….

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