Mirror’s Edge Catalyst – interactive 3D map published

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst – interactive 3D map published

The developers of the second Mirror’s Edge game Catalyst released an interactive 3D map on their website. This map mainly shows us the two big districts Downtown and Anchors, but also indicates that the open world map in the game will be much bigger than expected. Dice claimed on twitter that these districts are only the first that are shown and that the complete city is playable.

The interactive map also gives us more informations about other smaller locations in the city, like the underground, the Runner’s Lair, which is the main base of the runners, and also more informations about the story.

After Dice pushed back the release of the game, it will probably be playable on June 7 on PC, PS4 and Xbox. The reason for the push-back presumably was the feedback from the closed Beta in March.

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